Our Top 5 Dogs

SO…Here we have the top 5 most loved dogs of 2019

Number 5. The Cocker-spaniel 

This dogs paw’s are that perfect for grip that the design was copied and is still used today for the soles of boating shoes.

Image by Michael Orr

Number 4. Springer Spaniel

Springer Spaniels are amongst the most intelligent breed of dog. The Only thing bigger than their brains is their hearts.

They love to be outdoors, they need to be active and they need to work. Whether its searching for drugs, explosives or firearms this dog is never lazy.

Image by Michael Orr

Number 3. The Labrador.

This popular pup is devoted and gentle, and seem to understand us humans more than any other breed.

Originally bred as ‘gun dogs’ carefully fetching the birds on a hunt ensures these dogs are certainly intelligent and a hard working grafter. Not only that, they are extremely kind natured and the perfect addition to an active family.

Number 2. Staffordshire Bull Terrier

With courage, intelligence and a love of children being just some of their best attributes its no wonder the ‘staffy’ is so high on the list. Unfortunately Staffordshire Bull Terriers are used as status dogs and this means they get a pretty bad reputation however this just isn’t fair as they really are little softies and really do make beautiful and loyal companions.

Number 1. The Cockapoo

Crossed between a Cocker Spaniel and a Poodle… This is the original ‘designer dog’

You have to adore these awesome creatures, they bring happiness wherever they go. They are fun and sociable animals with lots of energy.

They love going on long walks and exploring the countryside with you by their side.

They are not only the most loving family pet but they are one of the most intelligent breeds of animals and could give most humans a run for their money.

Photo by Joe Caione