About us

About us

Here at ItsTheDog.com we strive to entertain our visitors as much as our pets entertain us. We also have a handpicked selection of products to help bring out the best in our ‘four legged friends’.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any great stories to share with us, you have ideals on how we can improve, or you just wish to speak to us about anything at all.

Our email address is: admin@itsthedog.com

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Time and time again dogs prove to us they really are our best friends. They’re just so friendly and lovely with over 200 recognized breeds in the UK.

We are constantly looking into the unique and joyful qualities of each breed and we will learn huge amounts about these wonderful animals and see some incredible stories about dogs who’ve settled way up in the Highlands of Scotland and all the way down to the shores of Cornwall and everywhere in between.

Photo by Braydon Anderson 

So here it is the dog.com we have been striving now for only a small amount of time so far to try and bring you the best in or doggie news news however we will continue to bring these fun facts and informative articles about how dogs behave, how to get the most out of them and how to make your much loved pets as happy as we possibly can.

We will talk about big dogs, we will have news about little dogs, we’re gonna have news about fluffy dogs we’re almost certainly going to have news about short-haired dogs.

Personally me and my family have had dogs my whole life, Our first dog was a boxer and he was fantastic in every way (except his complete disobedience at every step of his life, but we loved that about him and would not have changed him for the world. When i was a little older we got a second dog to keep the Boxer company and he was a Jack Russell. He was fantastic! If you threw a ball he would run for it and maybe even bring it back if he could be bothered however to be quite honest he usually just kept it for himself, but that is the nature of a Jack Russell, they kind of do what they like. You could train them in some cases though, I only know this as they do with farm dogs. He was a family pet, he was loved and was not a work dog. I would almost say he was my best friend . when people think about their pets its proven to increase happiness and this was the case in our family.